Nutrition Counselling

The aim of my consultations is to permanently adapt your diet to your needs and to optimize your physical well-being. Thus, the focus is not on classic calorie counting, but on your relationship to the foods that are good for you. Exercise and mental obstacles also play a big role and are always included.

Non-binding appointment to get to know each other (duration: 15 minutes):

Your needs, questions, and expectations are very important to me. In a short conversation we get to know each other, I present my way of working, you present your needs, and we agree on further steps.
(Price: free of charge)

Detailed initial consultation (duration: 90 minutes):

During the initial consultation, I take a thorough medical history, evaluate your blood analysis, consider potential medical conditions and food intolerances, as well as your previous dietary habits. As well as we talk about your goals, habits, insecurities, and doubts that you consider important to get hold of a new diet which will eventually work. 

Based on all this valuable information, I develop a diet plan specifically for you. I will show you how to eat a plant-based diet and achieve your personal goals at the same time. (incl. written material).

Ready for a change? Let's take your nutrition to the next level and bring out the best in you. Contact me now and start your journey to an energetic and vital life!

There is a simple truth: if you believe in what you are doing, you can achieve great things. That's why I want to help you achieve your goal.

Price: €90.-- (Includes food diary, written report and recipes)

Follow-up counselling (Duration: 30 minutes):

Long-standing habits are difficult to change. That's why follow-up counselling is so important. They serve not only to motivate you, discuss further steps and clear up ambiguities, but also to make sure that you keep on it. Only in this way will you achieve a lasting change.

Price: €30.-- (Includes written report and recipes)