The process of fasting is a transformative journey for body and mind. It is a practice that has been practiced for centuries by different cultures and faiths around the world.


As a trained fasting coach, I support you in the individual phases of fasting. Each person experiences this process in his or her own way and I provide empathetic and competent support.

The fasting process is divided into several phases:

  1. Preparation: Before you start fasting, it is important to prepare properly. I will advise you to ensure that fasting is suitable for you. Set clear goals, whether for detoxification, weight loss or spiritual reasons.
  2. Introductory phase: The introductory phase often involves a gradual reduction in food intake to gently prepare the body for the fasting process. This means eating light meals.
  3. The fasting period: During this period, food intake is either completely suspended or severely restricted. Water and herbal teas are allowed to hydrate the body and support the detoxification process.
  4. Detoxification and regeneration: During fasting, the body begins to break down and eliminate stored toxins. This can lead to physical detoxification reactions, such as headaches or fatigue. It is essential to get enough rest and sleep to support the regeneration process.
  5. Breaking the fast and reintegration: After completing the fast, it is crucial to slowly get the body used to solid food again. I support you with an adapted diet plan for the first few days.

It is important to note that fasting is not suitable for everyone, and you must ensure that fasting is safe and healthy for you.

If you are taking medication or suffer from a chronic illness, it is essential to consult your family doctor beforehand.

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