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Plant-based Nutritional Counselling

Ready for a New Start in Nutrition?


Do you want to optimize your diet?

How do you eat to feel completely satisfied, healthy and happy?

What exactly is a plant-based diet?

Unprocessed, plant-based products are the main components of the daily diet:  

Vegetables 🥗
Fruits 🍉🍌🍏
Whole grains🌾

...but do not exclude animal products, in small quantities, (dairy products, eggs, fish and good quality meat).

Therefore, give plants a bigger place on your plate!

Are you wondering how you can adapt your diet to your needs and the spirit of the times and improve it in the best possible way? Which foods are the best for you? How to prepare your food in a healthy and varied way? How to optimize your physical well-being?

With my plant-based nutrition and health advice, I support and accompany you in this process. 

Buenos días and welcome

I am Edda Sacks and here for you

Nutrition counseling means to me: listening, understanding, guiding, comprehending individual needs, and offering tailored solutions.

I love everything related to health and well-being. The interplay between body/mind/environment and its impact on each of us fascinates me.

Together, we embark on a journey to optimally nourish your body (and mind). This includes knowledge of foods, cooking recipes, ideas, and tricks for daily menus, workout ideas, relaxation, and much more.

With my years of experience and extensive expertise, I support you through personal counseling sessions or online meetings and personalized nutrition plans.  

 (Member of Academia Española de Nutrición y Dietética nº AEND03464)




As a member of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and the Society for Health Counseling (GGB), I regularly participate in further education and am committed to continuously expanding my expertise.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Nutrition counseling and coaching for plant-based, nutrient-rich whole foods
  • Vegetarian and vegan whole-food nutrition
  • Digestive tract disorders
  • Nutritional counseling for medically prescribed, illness-related dietary changes
  • Cooking classes
  • Fasting support 


Edda Sacks Ernährungsberatung

Nutrition counseling

Non-binding introductory appointment

Initial consultation

Follow-up consultations


Cooking classes and cooking evenings

Group cooking classes or individual ones

Cooking evenings
We cook together at your home. 

Der runde Tisch

The Round Table

Group meetings to exchange ideas about nutrition, health, sports, etc., and to support each other in achieving individual goals. 


Fasting support includes the different phases of fasting: preparation, initiation, fasting, breaking the fast, and rebuilding days.